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Why we have you put the Addiction RoadShow together?

The Addiction RoadShow was established by two friends and business associates – Sukhi Wahiwala and Jatinder Palaha, both of whom experienced struggles with alcoholism and addictions in their extended families and after exploring many different options to help their loved ones, they had both eventually found or been introduced to a private organisation led by Ian Young, who was able to offer genuine guidance and by following his instructions they were both able to (independently) resolve the challenges their families had faced.

What struck them both was how much ignorance there is around addiction. They had followed so many lines of enquiry and sought help through so many traditional means – NHS, GPs, local Community Drug and Alcohol teams, places of worship, but all they seemed to do was prolong the problem and in best cases offer a short term of respite. What they really needed to learn was what addiction really is and how best to tackle it permanently.

Ian Young and his company Sober Services already had the answers and the infrastructure ability to help their loved ones, and therefore as the idea for an educational and solutions focused Addiction RoadShow was born, it seemed appropriate to ask Ian to advise and join in with the delivery of the content and for Sober Services to assist in the solution of other families’ battles with their own loved one’s addiction / alcoholism.

Sukhi and Jatinder are delighted to present to you something that would have saved them many years of despair and helped bring about healthy change in their own families much sooner, had it existed when they needed it.

“We believe in the Addiction RoadShow and how it’s going to help save many families battered and bruised by the addiction within it, through education and hands on solutions. We’re proud to be behind the Addiction RoadShow and we hope it goes on to help many thousands of other families by offering the answers and solutions we learnt the hard way” – Jatinder Palaha.



Sukhi Wahiwala – Addiction RoadShow Chairman & Visionary

As a firm believer in; “Think Globally, Act Locally”; Sukhi provides an invaluable contribution to his local community, actively campaigning to change people’s lives for the better, tackling issues such as homelessness, addictions, better resources for adult education, equipping people with essential skills in numeracy and literacy.

By freeing up his time, Sukhi was able to pursue an overwhelming purpose and desire to inspire and create change on any level, and helping other people by Coaching and Mentoring individuals & companies to success and prosperity. As with every other venture, he succeeded at break-neck speed, establishing himself as a premier coach and must-have Invitation only Business Consultant. After a short period in this new sector of personal & business development he has already been recognized as The UK’s AWARD WINNING “Small Business Coach Of The Year 2011″, by the Association Of Professional Coaches Trainers & Consultants.

He has also earned the reputation of being a tenacious trouble-shooter. Gemma Daniel of www.LIFEUKfinancial.com Ltd said of Sukhi “Hiring Sukhi is like bringing a guided missile into your business; he has an unbelievable knack of being bang on target, identifying a problem, locking onto it, then eliminating it with his amazing Knowledge!” Whilst his no nonsense approach to business isn’t for the faint hearted, his suggested shake-ups and restructuring has rescued numerous companies that have experienced a down turn, and got them back on track.

Jatinder Palaha – Addiction RoadShow Director & Marketing Manager

jtJatinder has been a digital entrepreneur since 2005 and has helped hundreds of business take their offline business online producing measurable results whilst building a reputation of trust, integrity and loyalty at the same time infusing these attributes into the mindset of his clients so they develop a reputable brand online. One niche he enjoys is the personal development industry.

He has worked within the Internet industry for over 10 years, focusing on digital strategy , implementation and marketing and more recently, with the growth of social media, online reputation management. Jatinder’s career spans IT, Internet marketing and website production experience within major organisations including The Tetley Group and Sun Microsystems, a fortune 500 company.

Helping create subject matter experts and taking small to medium sized businesses online, is one of Jatinder’s real passions, as is helping them to grow and maintain a top notch online reputation amongst their customers and consumers.

Jatinder is an award winning IT Consultant and a certified master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). He holds a degree in information systems. He is also a co-author of ‘Multiple Streams of Inspiration’ volumes 2 & 3 and The Art & Science of Success vol 6 and the Inspirational Bible. With this background in personal development technique and technology, Jatinder is able to provide clients with strategic internet solutions in plain, commercially focused speak – not highly complex technological jargon.

Ian Young – Addiction RoadShow Board Member & Advisor

Ian has over 12 years as an Addiction Consultant, successfully touching the lives of thousands of addicted people and their families, showing them a new way to live and encouraging them to rebuild their lives without their destructive patterns or influences once and for all.

Ian is the founder of two large rehabilitation facilities still operating within the European Treatment Industry and continues to offer consultancy to many others. His most recent company Sober Services (since 2008) offers bespoke packages of treatment to individuals and their families ravaged by addiction.

But it wasn’t always like that… Early 2001, aged 29, after 13 years of chronic drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness, unemployment and living as an Outlaw, he discovered a permanent way out of his debilitating lifestyle and through hard work and a vision, built himself a world filled with the riches and royalties life has to offer – addiction free! In fact, Ian is often heard talking about his quality of life being beyond anything he could possibly have dreamed off previously.

Ian is a published author of the popular “It’s Not About Me! – Confessions of a Recovered Outlaw Addict, from Living Hell to LivingBig”. This is an easy to read page turner, telling Ian’s full story into addiction as a DJ and world traveller adventurer, through the difficulties and challenges he faced trying to clean himself up and most importantly the practical and spiritual lessons he’s learned through his many years helping others remain drug and alcohol free.

His charismatic and intelligent approach to business and projects alike brings a really exceptional edge to all those fortunate enough to work alongside him and experience his energy, humour and passion. With his background and his understanding of the psychology of the human condition, Ian makes a unique addition to the human gene pool.

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