“Addiction Road Show” To Hold First Event in Cambridgeshire

“Addiction Road Show” To Hold First Event in Cambridgeshire

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“Addiction Road Show” Holds First Event in Cambridgeshire

Summary:  The Addiction Road Show will be holding it’s first event in Cambourne, near Cambridge on Saturday November 15, 2014 at the Belfrey Hotel. 
The event is aimed towards helping families (and individuals) experiencing addiction challenges to better understand how to help their loved ones.

London, September 8, 2014 – Sadly, many individuals throughout the world fall prey to some form of addiction. It’s widely believed that 10% of the British population have addictive disease (either active or in recovery). Whether it is alcohol addiction, drug addiction or some other form of addiction, it is never easy to deal with. The withdrawal symptoms of “detoxing” from drugs and alcohol can be horrifying and only those who have gone through the problem can explain it. Many have found hope in the world where addiction slowly torments them, while others are still looking for their string of light – this is where The Addiction Road Show comes into play.

The Addiction Road Show will be holding their first event in Cambridge. The event will take place on November 15, 2014 at Belfrey Hotel from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM.

Information About the Addiction Road Show and How it Can Help

The Addiction Road Show will be telling its audience precisely what addiction is and how it can be arrested permanently. They will also explain how family members can actually help their loved ones who are currently going through addiction, even if they’re not willing to stop yet.

This event will offer a complete explanation on how to beat addiction once and for all. 
They will explain not only how to beat the problem, but also tell how addiction works and how to receive immediate help, even if the addict refuses to stop their problem.
The event also aims to describe and explore what recovery from addiction actually looks like and how Drug and alcohol recovery really is right around the corner.

The Speakers:

  • Richard C. Renson (What is Addiction)
  • Sarah Graham (What is Recovery)
  • Ian Young (Addiction Solutions for the Family)

Each one of these speakers has their only story of failure and success to tell and they are all considered experts within the field of Addiction Treatment.

Each one of the seminars are interactive as they explain the real problems faced by thousands of British families. Their main goal is to reach out and help families who are currently struggling with some form of addiction – they want to help addicts and alcoholics with permanent recovery once and for all.

About Addiction Road Show

The Addiction Road Show is aimed at helping British families who are dealing with addiction to alcohol and drugs and other addictions. The Addiction Road Show will be touring around Britain from November 2014 onwards, visiting a different county at least once a month.
January 17th Oxford
Feb 21st Leicester
March 7th Birmingham
April 11th Milton Keynes
May 9th Manchester
June 6th Peterborough
(dates & locations all subject to confirmation)

For more information, please visit www.addictionroadshow.co.uk or contact us directly:
Company Contact:  JT
Company Email: office[at]addictionroadshow.co.uk
Contact Phone: 0207 993 8598

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