Solutions For Addiction

Solutions For Addiction

0301240e94d99cd69826ff7367270062Addictions come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the various solutions to over come them.

By considering each addict or alcoholic individually we’re able to prescribe or recommend the best path forwards for that person, their family and the specific situation.

During the Addiction RoadShow Live Events, Ian Young will be explaining many of the more generic solutions available to everyone, and not only discussing the three solutions on this page, but also explaining his evidence based “7 Segments of a Successful Addiction Recovery” which using statistics gathered from around the world to present to you the 7 different things you could implement to ensure your very best chances of a permanent addiction recovery.

The are very generally speaking three types of drinkers / users / addicts  that we believe require our Solutions:

These are very loose guidelines, but do constitute the people we’re easily able to work with and assist with Solutions.

1) The Binge Drinker or Part-Time Drug User – Maybe just at weekends or after work, these people are experiencing challenges and problems in their lives but they don’t consider themselves real addicts or alcoholics. They would like to modify their consumption but they’re not ready for a permanent solution.

For this group of people our Home Study Workbook and DVD is by far the very best Solution available without interrupting their current lifestyle or livelihood. If completed as directed in the Workbook in a month or less then it’s guaranteed to produce very profound results.

2) The Addict / Alcoholic / dependant user – This is the person who is engaging with their Addiction on a daily basis and struggles to achieve very little else in their life until they’ve had a drink or a drug in their system.

For people in the grips of Addiction we would always be looking at helping them choose the best and most appropriate Rehabilitation Centre, which often requires a full Detoxification first of all. We have first hand experience with facilities all over the world covering a full price spectrum and a complete diaspora of disorders. We’ve visited and investigated most of the centres outside of North America and absolutely know where’s going to be the best fit for you if you wish to recover permanently.

3) The Family Member – This is the person who takes care of and supports the Addict / Alcoholic. In our experience, the Addict / Alcoholic is in denial about their problems or doesn’t have any ambitions to stop or to heal.

This is where the Addiction RoadShow’s leading Senior member Ian Young of Sober Services is particularly useful as one of the very few Professional Interventionists operating in the world, he’s able to bring about real change in your family and help the Addict / Alcoholic accept the help that we’re offering them. A Professional Intervention is a sure fire method of directing your loved one into recovery, even if they don’t want to recover. By mixing his inspirational and motivation tactics with tough love techniques we can bring about real permanent change.

We will be able to offer everyone who wants it a free consultation with one of our approved therapists who will be on hand during the live events to take some time with you and hear about your particular situation. We understand that every case is different and that you deserve the opportunity to get the right help for your family and that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.


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If you’re looking for a solution to an addiction either for yourself or for someone you care about, please fill out this form and explain briefly your situation, and someone from the Addiction Roadshow Recovery Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

0815d9de47ed35c1af9a7d3df40b7704Alternatively, you may wish to wait until the live event and then take advantage of some free and discreet time with one of our therapists, who’ll be able to advise you or book an appointment for you to speak with a specialist.

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