Just needed to say Saturday gave me hope.

This tough love is so difficult!
I'm not wanting to push her into crime.
I'm praying that she will get funding for rehab.
She won't do it {find Recovery} staying in her flat with the people she knows around.

Here's to hoping.
The Addiction RoadShow was well worth attending so I will have to wait and see what happens now.

Thank you

Eleanor L.

The Addiction RoadShow was a big help to us in talking about our son's addiction and talking to people who are going through similar problems.

We have not really known how to deal with what is going on in our sons life and the way in which it has consumed ours. In that we live in hope that he will change.

I now think we have been dealing with it in all the wrong ways, which have not really been helpful with his problems.

Mrs. D.

Mrs. D.

Thanks to the ARS,

All my queries were answered on the day and I'd just like to thank you, Ian, Paul, Sarah and all the team for a wonderful seminar in which I learnt so much.

I think the session was amazing and particularly so as it turned out to be the first one you had ever done.

Well done you and I wish you all the very best for your mission and good health for all your clients.

I am sure that everyone who comes in contact with you is healthier for it, I certainly am.

All kind wishes, Linda S.

Linda S.

To whom it may concern,

I attended the Addition RoadShow in Cambourne on Saturday and it was a great and inspirational day for me.
I am currently in recovery I guess from drink. It only just started to ruin my life I suppose. However, following this event I feel inspired and focused on not drinking, home life, work and the gym.

I am working through the Sober Coaching Workbook I bought at the event and I feel very positive about life.

Kind regards,

Adam K.

Adam K.

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