What is the Addiction RoadShow’s Primary Focus?

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What is the Addiction RoadShow’s Primary Focus? To make sure that all the attendees at the live events leave with a clear pathway for their loved one’s to follow for their successful recovery, even if the addicted individual isn’t personally keen on addressing their current challenges.

This worthy projects’ ambition is to educate the British public that someone struggling with an addiction can be interrupted now, and that they no longer have to wait for the addict to be ready to stop or to recover. This is based upon my own extensive experience as one of the UK’s finest active Addiction Interventionists, where I’ve helped addicts and alcoholics find recovery when they really need it, even if they didn’t want it initially, thus repairing and healing families and their surrounding communities.

What we see reported is the vast majority of addicts never finding the right help to combat their addictions, and tragically they overdose or drink themselves to an early grave, prison or some form of hospitalisation, more often than not with an incorrect mental health diagnosis. The primary cause for this is that their surrounding family and loved one feel un-empowered or in fear of confronting them appropriately or safely without repercussions to themselves due to the addict / alcoholics fury and rage (which is actually their reaction to their self centred fear of losing what they believe to be serving them, when it’s actually killing them).

The problems we’ll be addressing at the Addiction RoadShow are as follows:

  • Lack of understanding of what Addiction is and how it interferes with someone’s life.
  • Lack of confidence around confronting the addict without fear of antagonising the addict into immediate drinking / using behaviour.
  • Lack of awareness around what Recovery actually is and how lives are turned around once it’s embraced.
  • Inability to realise that the addict’s desire for more alcohol or narcotics is part of their disease and should never be encouraged.
  • Many families don’t even realise when their loved one is hiding an addiction.
  • Lack of awareness around genuine permanent solutions to addictions, due to possible ineffective NHS policies and red tape.

The Addiction RoadShow is aimed at showing the family how to best deal with the Addict / Alcoholic; rather than working directly with the Addict / Alcoholic who usually, for many years of their addiction is unwilling to consider change, whether by asking or even accepting help when it’s offered to them.

And that’s what I specialise in.

And so that’s what the Addiction Roadshow is going to teach the Family members.

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